Purcari Winery

Purcari Winery

The tour of the Purcari vineyards does not leave anyone indifferent – the fresh air, the sea breeze and the vines grown based upon the strictest canons of French viticulture, reveal the wine’s secrets.

Purcari is blessed with its own micro-climate. The elevated Purcari region is 120 to 160 meters above sea level and is blessed with warm winds from the Black Sea which is only 60 km away. Fog may set in from over the Dniester River (situated 500 meters from the estate’s vineyard) as the warm stream of air protects the vines in winter and plays in favor for the gentle ripening of the fruit throughout summer.

On the approach, Vinaria Purcari is architecturally noticeable. The estate’s buildings and surroundings have been deliberately erected in a style of a modern French château. This style pays tribute to the legendary winery that occupied the Purcari terraces since the early 19th century.

Legendary Purcari cellars, remaining unchanged since 1827; the cellars store a part of country’s heritage – the famous collection of vintage Purcari wines.

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