Chateau Vartely Tour

Chateau Vartely Tour

Chateau Vartely –is a young but ambitious wine making company, placed in a region, where up to now exist and become a reality rich national traditions of cultivation and producing of the “beverage of the Gods» — wine.

Chateau Vartely is situated only 50 kilometers from Chisinau city. The total area of vineland is 260 hectares, situated in the zone of Codru and Bugeac , and vintage grown within this area is being bottled annually in more than 4,5 million of bottles.

Chateau Vartely has three villas, with a capacity of 40 people. The winery has two tasting rooms.

The Chateau Vartely Company gladly receives each guest in their wine making factory and turns the tasting process into a celebration for those who try to discover the mystery of these divine drinks. In this way, each guest will have a possibility to choose the wine that will please all his tastes.



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